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Final Project

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comparative analysis

For my midterm assignment, I have decided to create a film website. I am thrilled about this project since I am extremely passionate about films. This choice serves many purposes and reflects my desire to watch, make, and teach or discuss films. To start this project, I will first compare different websites or what is known as the competitive analysis.

As a starting point, I will examine a site I am most frequently on.  Quite honestly, I don’t spend too much time on one specific site; I don’t see myself as someone that will do away with books, newspapers, or magazines for their digital counterparts (at least not when it comes to reading for pleasure). However, the site that I spend the most time on is facebook; I guess I am most drawn toward a good social network.  A friend of mine, who is a film-student at CSUN turned me on to a site called The Auteurs, a film website that promotes independent, foreign, and classic films.  In order to get on, you have to be a member, so I signed up and now a member of a film “social network”.  You can watch films instantaneous on here, some are free, but most you have to pay one, or three dollars each.  Since I have Netflix, there’s no use for me to watch a film on here, unless of course it is rare film. I did take advantage of a free movie and watched a favorite Wong Kar-Wai film on The Auteurs.  At this point in time, I’m not looking to build a website that will stream movies instantly- this is far too advanced.  Although I am follower of social networks and originally wanted to build one- this is also for a project down the road.

For this project, I compared five different sites: The Auteurs, Film Crave, IMDB, The Criterion Collection, and All Movie.  I like each for their own reasons.  The Auteurs has a nice look and feel, but having built a replicated site for practice, the look became a bit dull.  I liked the director profiles, and the film festival area, which lists all the major film festivals including Sundance, Cannes, Tribecca, San Sebastion, etc., so I will include this in my site.  When reading articles on this site, and other sites that follow the same layout, I realized that I have less of an attention span because the text stretches the width of the page.  Because of this, I studied some sites where articles are their main attraction: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, GQ Magazine, and found them to be more pleasing; they are able to achieve this by using narrow columns. I guess on the web, reading vertically allows you to scan information quickly and keeps your attention span (well, it does for me at least). The Auteurs is like Twitter and you can follow people and be followed.

After The Auteurs, I decided to search for another film social network, and discovered “Film Crave.” The latter is more of what a social network really is to me. On the “Film Crave” you can create your own profile page and are given a title according to a rating system and by accumulating enough points you may be deemed a “film god.” It’s a rather messy looking site, which I would never want to build, however the customization of your profile is pretty cool with information such as your top movie list, favorite and least favorite genre, favorite and least favorite actors, favorite and least favorite directors, amongst many others.  Like “The Auteurs,” you can be fans of films.  On “Film Crave” you are able to link your blog, and like The Auteurs you can rate films.  I looked at a couple of profiles on here and was excited to discover some people with similar tastes and who wrote solid critiques.

The Criterion Collection is a partner of The Auteurs and of all the sites thus far has the most pleasing look and feel. It is a distribution company that caters to film aficionados.  The look and feel consist of a color palette with different shades of gray, and a minimalist style without being too dull like its counterpart The Auteurs. I would want to model my design after this one; but instead of a white font on gray backgrounds, I will more than likely use a black font on white backgrounds, and apply  subtle column division with light gray borders to break up the content for a more favorable magazine layout.

The last two sites that I compared are IMDB, which stands for internet movie data base, and All Film.  What I like about these sites is that they are some of the best sources for film information on directors, writers, actors, etc. To be continued…

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landing page

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with transparent drop down

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Introducing “Film Junkies”

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Tim Burton (3rd landing)

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Film Exhibition (2nd landing)

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MoMA (home page)

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